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Yes, you can say that it’s an app, social media platform, advertising platform, videos, games, earning platform, and so on….

It’s the all-time best feature-heavy application which is the greatest one. 

But, have you tried any hidden features of Facebook? Because most of us tired with lots of ads and notifications which pop up any time during surfing. 

What if I tell you that you can control Facebook and be a social media specialist?

Here we are talking about some of the most vital updates which only focused on improving and consolidating the visibility of numerous settings by you.

In this article, we are going to discover 13 interesting Facebook tricks that help you to change it, tone it down to get the best out of this amazing app.

  • Pin You Love On The Top Of Your Page

It is hard to say that an organic Facebook page reach is declining day by day and its truth. But, you can manage and save your time by cutoff that endless scroller you have done to get your want. 

With the help of list build, you can pin a post about the guide, video, eBook, challenge, and many more. 

  • Facebook to Linkedin. What!!!

Yes, this is correct. Want to connect, network yourself, prospect, and learn from other peers?

Unfortunately, this is one feature which doesn’t discover by many of us. But you can engage with, connect with, create new connections and create a new journey that is totally outside of your Facebook family.

This feature helps you to share your professional journey with your audience. You can share your business adventures and grow your sales and income too.

  • Why Typing Send Voice Messages On Messenger

The popularity of Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse like audio and voice-based streaming app change the concept of messages. It also trends to send voice messages over a lengthy and time-consuming typing process. 

So, next time whenever you make a new connection on Fb try these amazing features just by hitting the record button and communicate with trust!

  • Try Some Fancy Font With Your New Post

A tool like Cool Fancy Text Generator helps you to spits it out with neat font like fancy emoticons which were used in back days.

Use this tool in your new post or titles or words and you will get numerous character appropriations with such clear font. Try this new to for your new post, titles, and single words, and get something fancy!

  • Explore Facebook Townhall

Are you willing to connect with your local governments, organizations or people then try Facebook Townhall?

Here, you can easily get connected with government bodies and elected officials. 

However, this feature is only located in few countries. To check out just visit Facebook Townhall and put your address. If you get an error as a result then this useful feature is not available in your region.

You still get connected with organizations like the water department, fire department, and with some local politicians also.

  • Text Delights

Have you ever use Text Delights? Yes, you used it unknowingly. Facebook randomly includes some fancy text that gives a little splash to your words.

Whenever you type “wonderful time” or “Congratulations” you find it out as a different color rather than black. Such color text also comes with some magic tricks you still even don’t know.

To see the real trick you need to just click on that word and you will get some animation!!

  • Stops Notifications Now!

Have you been fed up with numerous notifications of email, texts, videos, Birthdays, tags, fundraisers, and many others?

Yes, it is exhausting but the motto of Facebook is to keep up updated with every detail with you. 

Furthermore, you ready want to get rid of such notifications then you have control over it as per your requirements.

You just need to draw towards the settings & privacy. Here you get a menu on the left, choose Notifications and get everything you want.

Just close the email and SMS notifications for each option, or as per your requirement.

  • Want To Be Credentialed Journalist?

Are you a freelance writer or journalist? If you want to use your Facebook account to do some research or want to get connected with some live news then this feature is just for you.

Facebook comes with Journalist Registration in June 2020. This feature helps people to credential, verify and protect while reporting on any live events.

Once you registered as a Journalist you will get few benefits like increase your account safety and get instant updates on special features. You also get Content insights like Instagram business insights.

  • Download All Your Data On Facebook

Yes, as we know FB provides you all posts, likes, messages, followers, photos, etc. it may take few minutes to download all the data. But it is worth it if you want to clean up your social media.

To complete this task you just push the settings button and go on Your Facebook information and you get the treasure!

  • Be Master Of Mute Button

The only goal of Facebook is to connect with people, but this doesn’t mean getting countless messages, notifications, and invitations to play games any time.

If you don’t want such an obnoxious post or spammy poster then here is the thing you need to do.

Click on the three dots that are located right side of the post and choose any of the options as per your need.

  • Save Links For Later Use

Yes, these feature the not new ones. But it is still not much popular. Just go through three dots on a post you want to save and click o save post button.

To find out your saves links you just check out the saved option on the main page and see more by scrolling down.

  • Want To Check Your Account Status

Check the status of your account like if you have any strikes or restrictions on your account. Go to your profile page and click on the three dots on the right top and hit the Account status button.

Here you can easily be shown some restrictions that Facebook has taken for your account.

  • Get Perfect Ad Preferences

Yes, Facebook ads are so prolific and profitable. Facebook marketing strategy helps to earn billion over a single year itself.

 It also provides you effective social media marketing for your business. But you can control data which plays a vital role to display ads.

To get to know about specific topic preferences, advertisers, and data use, go to settings and press the Ad preferences button.

Here you will found everything about your data like activity from partners, audience-based advertising, social interactions, and many more.

Wrap Up:

Here are the 13 tricks you should try on your FB account to get the maximum benefit from it. Use these tricks and make effective social media marketing. Do social media planning to get the maximum benefit from such a huge and popular platform? Facebook is still experimenting with new hacks and ideas to improvise it. Hope you like this post about customizing this useful platform. Stay tuned with us to get new notifications about it.