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We all are aware of the term “Marketing,” Right? Directly or indirectly, we all are involved in it. If brands don’t promote their products, then as a customer, we would never know that this kind of product or service exists. So, not only for brands but for customers, also different types of marketing matters a lot. 

Do you think marketing is easy?


Well, I don’t think so. Because the toughness of marketing is seen at the very first stage, where we have to choose the type of marketing we have to use for our brand. Various kinds of marketing are available in the market, and every class has its benefits. So, hiring SEO and Social media marketing services is always good. But before you hire anyone, you need to understand some fundamental aspects of marketing in detail. And for that, we’re here at your rescue. First of all, let’s start with:

What is Marketing?

 Marketing is the link between customers and brands. It involves getting information, creating an online presence, attracting an audience, and distributing products and services. The marketing strategy looks at the current market situation and customers’ requirements. 

In the growth of a business, marketing plays a crucial role because marketing is the reason behind the audience getting attracted to your brand and purchasing from you. 

Currently, Digital marketing agencies are gaining a lot of success for the services they provide. 

Now, let’s understand the types of marketing. 

Types of Marketing

The types of marketing differ because of the large span of industries. So, now let’s have a look at the types of marketing that are perfect for your enterprise or company:

  1. Inbound Marketing

Nowadays, the audience gets irritated with online ads, and they’re finding a way to block them. And so, Inbound marketing came into the frame. This technique prepares content according to the consumer’s behavior and needs. Also, you can use emails, drop SMS and act as an advisor. 

2. Outbound Marketing

In Outbound Marketing, you need to be tough and communicate with the audience who are not interested in buying anything. Outbound marketing includes radio, TV commercials, hoardings, brochures, etc. As per a study, though Outbound marketing is less profitable, 90% of businesses spend most of their budget on it. 

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most effective way of generating leads and increasing profit. Digital marketing connects the brand and customers through digital platforms. It promotes and distributes the product through social media, email, and SEO. You can quickly get in touch with your targeted audience and communicate with them.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is like a commission. You’ll be paid whenever your drive a sale. For example, an entrepreneur can hire an affiliate marketer who can only pay them when they sell their products. Nowadays, this type of marketing is hardly used in any company.

5. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about creating meaningful and relevant content that attracts an audience. The writer should craft the content in such a way that touches the audience emotionally and ensure them that you understand their needs. A content writer can also be done in the form of storytelling. 

6. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing ensures that your brand achieves top results on search engines. This marketing technique can get organic or paid traffic and improve your brand’s visibility.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencers always come up with new content that grabs customers’ audiences. Currently, Influencer Marketing has created a buzz in the market. For this marketing, you must contact an influencer who will continuously promote and recommend your product. 

8. Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing is effective for audiences who don’t want to type long questions and get answers by just saying the question. The best example of Voice marketing is Alexa, who is always eager to listen to the audience’s interests and give the best possible answer.

9. Pay-per-click Marketing

Pay-per-click Marketing is all about receiving profits when the audience selects pay-per-click. This marketer can give the ad at the right time when a user searches for a product or service. And this can lead to increased profit and improving brand awareness.

10. Partner Marketing

Partner Marketing occurs when two or three partners collaborate and promote each other’s products and services. These two companies are capable enough for each other to attract an audience. This technique can be beneficial for both companies to keep the existing companies and attract new customers. 

11. Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps the brand to get connected with its customers through email. Email marketing can remind your audience about your discounts and offers. We all got promotional emails from Pinterest and Flipkart, the best examples of Email Marketing. Always make it easy-to-understand mail for the audience. 

12. Public Relation Marketing

Public relation is all about the activities performed by the company to keep up with a positive reputation. Th, the company, discovers any negative reviews about their company, the PR marketing team takes quick action to cover the news or provide a solution for the problems. 

 This marketing is essential to building long-term relationships with customers.

13. Mass Media Marketing

In Mass media marketing one-size-fits approach is used to bring the best possible customers. In this marketing, there is no targeted audience, so the strategy is created based on it. No priority in building a long relationship with customers. It focuses on increasing sales volume. 

14. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Compared to digital copies, mouth marketing impacts a lot on business growth. Word-of-mouth marketing depends on your existing customers about how they recommend your products to their friends or family members. For example, hair salons. We’ve seen that if our friends or family go to any hair salon and find it impressive, they would recommend it to us. 

15. Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is a long-term process and can be beneficial if you have a strong reputation. To measure if brand marketing is effective or not, you need to get a report on your brand visibility. This technique helps you to understand how much people know about your brand and use it to satisfy most of their requirements. 


Now, you might have realized that there are a lot of marketing techniques, and apart from the types of marketing mentioned above types, there are still lots in the market. If you have found the right marketing type but don’t have the skills to execute it? No need to worry. There are various Digital Marketing agencies available that can deal with your marketing requirements. 

Hiring a Digital Marketing agency is essential because the marketing industry keeps evolving, so you must have someone familiar with that change. 

I hope our blog has helped you to find the proper marketing technique.

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