You all may have heard about the quote said by James A York:
“The most successful people are those who are good at the plan B.”

But…But…why plan B? Why not Plan A?

We people always prepare a backup plan before getting a fail on Plan A. Somewhere and somehow this mentality will effect on our success ratio. In simple words, we think if Plan A will don’t work out then we have Plan B. We get to relax and our mind starts working for plan B, not for Plan A.

Yeah, now we are up to the point that “Your backup plans might set you up for failure.”

We people lack our motivation before establishing something new. This attitude mentally prepares our mind for the possibility of failure whereas we have not even initiated our efforts for Plan A.

On the other hand, some of us believe that being too conceited or overconfident can jinx things. But having well-developed alternative plans to achieve your goal can also potentially jinx your chances of success. Believe on your goals, & aspirations with absolute certainty.

 “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts you from plan A”. – Will Smith

Wait. Keep this in your mind. Your dream will require incredible confidence for getting success. You have the ability. You have the power to calculate the cost of your dream, so think about it once again then jump. Take your time, be flexible enough but don’t adjust with you plan A. If you have guts to dream big then take the plunge, and be the change, set an example.

You must think how does your plan A will make you more successful?

Simple, “Don’t be a boat which is sailing around the ocean aimlessly.”

If you have a goal, if you have a gut to do it then find a proper way to execute it. You must have to be extremely clear about your leading thought because only your vision will help you to find the destination. Once you have got a vision of your goal, everything that you do will bring you one step closer to your dream.

Absolutely, it’s possible the destiny will test you not a once but again & again. Don’t lose your courage, stay focused on your goal. Before switching your plan just ask a question to yourself, why I am switching this plan? Recall those 4:00 am which makes you sleepless not because you love the dark night & stars. Just because your dream is actively pinging you to go an extra mile ahead.

Think over it. Think big. Make your burly plan sound louder over naysayers. Don’t give up, just complete it what you have initiated.