Recently, I read an enticing biography of Peter Drucker“The Father of Modern Management Theory”. I am fascinated with his management theories which coined with the strategies & leadership to grow the workplace. After reading such amazing thoughts, I would like to represent it in front of you to use it in real life and promote your organization to grow.

Before that let me answer one thing,

“ What if your employees’ deposits stopped hitting their bank account? Do you think they will make another thought to accomplish your organization’s mission? “

Most probably the answer will be no. Right? What if your employees will become a volunteer for your company? The game will be changed! Oh yeah… An entrepreneur and the office management can arise with the great panache. If you want your company’s atmosphere more lively and enthusiastic then you have to treat almost all of your employees as a volunteer. The reason is the employee engagement ratio.

As per the survey of Employee Engagement Practices in Global and Indian Companies –   34% percent of employees are completely engaged in India while the employee engagement ratio in all over the world is 29%. “

All the raising entrepreneurs have to shift their mind to make a great workplace. Don’t forget, intelligent and dedicated employees will definitely get another job elsewhere. So If you want your employee will give discretionary efforts in the company’s mission then CEOs and managers have to make them feel that their efforts are worth for both organization and employees personal growth.

To make this all happen entrepreneurs need to establish a stimulating environment and lay the groundwork.

How to be a team member with taking care of entrepreneurial responsibilities?

  • Employee Engagement is Grown, Not Built.

Many people think that employees engagement need to increase in their organization but rather making efforts in pushing employees to get engaged in company culture try to cultivate the right attitude in the right employee experience. Now, who is responsible for the enterprise’s culture? HR management? No… let’s go a step forward. It’s a responsibility of your CEO. Your company’s seniors and CEO has to provide the great experience to the more enthusiastic employees whose efforts and outcomes make the organization’s missions successful. It’s a CEO’s sanity to give talented individuals a reason to stay and engage.

  • Be Able to Articulate the Vision

A clear statement of vision, strategy, and destination is one of the tremendous gifts a CEO can give to an organization. The CEO must have the articulate mission which helps the dedicated employees to set ambitious goals and provide a meaning to their efforts.

  • Don’t Only Stay With the Tag of CEO, Be the Architect of Company Culture:

The best culture of any organizations is the result of hundreds of actions taken by CEO. The chief executive is the only one who has the cross-functional authorities to direct and lead the leaders of a company. CEO must be able to represent the employees’ ability with their deeper growth in financially and intellectually. Entrepreneurs are the person who can operate the business with the rocket growth and overwhelm their dedicated resources/employees by conveying and helping in their rapid growth.

  • Let Your Employees Decide How They Will Contribute:

Many employees take the responsibility of volunteering some of the events and participate outside work, just to make a difference. Many of the leaders play a virtual role too. Some of will love to learn new things. By the same token, every employee will engage if you let your employee determine how they will play their role and set an example.

  • Explain a Team What They Have Deliver is The Best:

Employee engagement & business growth is a two-way relationship. With disengaged resources, you will never achieve your goal. Similarly, if your business will not offer what makes the employee happy then also your employees’ engagement will be short-lived. As being a CEO, you have to be there with your workforce to impel their efforts toward a goal and elevate them. Encourage your workforce and allow them to achieve the specific goal of your organization. Guide them, cultivate them with enthusiasm and appreciate them on the floor.

  • Find the best Indicator of Culture Fit:

During the recruiting process, CEO has to play an active role to bring the right people on the board. Entrepreneurs must have to set a bar, to see how likely the new person will get involved with your company’s culture. If you find the suitable quality in a person who can help your organization to achieve the mission then it is the indicator of the best culture fit.

Bottom lines:

Be an entrepreneur who first listens, understands, explains and takes necessary decisions for their employees. Build a company which has a high level of trust in leadership and adopt quick changes that other businesses are still struggling with. With having this kind of attitude, leaders and workforce will accept the changes, put efforts and adapt the mission which significantly helps your organization to grow quickly.




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