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It is a time of Marketing challenge for every marketer. However, we all have common goals, but some of us are finding top talent or some deal with such problems in finding the best and suitable technology for their needs.

Whatever we looking for, now there is one area which we can improve to convert our online marketing agency to a revenue generator. But Many Social media experts state that the marketing industry is fast-paced and we can’t able easily identify the areas which we need to develop to get stronger and hefty growth today. 

To find out the real criteria which need improvement, it is really important to pause for a moment and try to find out the real marketing challenges we are going to face current year.

In this article, we are going to discuss top Marketing Challenges Faced Globally by Digital Marketing agencies and expert tips to tackle these challenges.

Let’s get started.

  • Generating Leads and Traffic

As per the state of Marketing report of Hubspot, Generating traffic and leads is the topmost priority of marketers this year. 

Also, the Head of Evangelism at Microsoft Advertising states that generating organic traffic and leads will be a big threat for marketers in 2021. 

Due to the tremendous growth in search and content marketing in 2021, it is not the only problem of the current era but it likely won’t be tomorrow. 

Furthermore, marketers find it difficult to produce demand for their content. Due to numerous platforms, it becomes nearly impossible to find the best areas to focus their efforts.

Expert tips:

To produce such content which plays a vital role to generate enough traffic and leads, every marketer should keep two things in their mind:

  • To produce perfect high-quality content gives value for money to people.
  • Try to provide such content that people really want.

For example, in 2021, majorities of people like to watch short videos to learn about any new product or service. It just cut out almost 70% of text-based articles, e-books, and infographic articles. 

It simply means that if you are focusing on eBooks for any product-related content marketing you lost more consumers than you think because people prefer to watch videos rather than eBooks.

  • Securing Enough Budget

Would you be able to do a proper and winning marketing campaign without a proper budget? 

There is a big NO!

Even if you have such an amazing revenue-generating idea, you must need the approval of your budget by a higher authority.

Especially in this global pandemic situation, most companies don’t prefer to add extra bucks to their marketing budget. 

And it is hard for marketers to continue the path of success without minimal financial supports.

Therefore, it is hard as a rock to secure more budget for marketing. It becomes worsen for smaller or medium organizations that don’t prefer to working with flexible or flexible marketing spend.

Expert tips:

You must prove the Return of Investment by your marketing efforts if you want to get the big deal. The more you satisfy by ROI the higher chances to receive a higher budget.

As we all know that inbound marketing is a long game and if you want higher budgets you must be successful in inbound marketing. 

  • Managing A Website

When it comes to website up-gradation, more than 60% of companies prefer to invest in it. It makes it harder and challenging for marketers to managing it. Many Search Engine Optimization services believe it is less threatening, but managing a website is a major challenge as others.

It is a time when the performance and speed of your website play a pivotal role in the website’s SEO ranking. It is the best option for marketers to draw visitors and complete their goals.

There are many difficult factors you need to focus like optimizing the content, writing, designing, and many others. 

Expert Tips:

You can take the help of Hubspot’s free website grader that helps you to find out the different metrics like mobile-friendliness, security, performance, SEO for the website. It also suggests you some improvement tricks.

  • Targeting Content For Audience Across The World

In this competitive era, more than 65% of marketers prefer to market internationally. This means one-third of marketers plan their strategy to cover the international audience. 

It creates hard competition to be effective at targeting. It just not only limited to figure out the marketing way for an international audience but also need to optimize and organize site differently for each country. 

However, the major goal of any marketer is to identify the real buyer personas to determine the niche of marketing.

Expert Tips:

You need to change the way of produce offerings when you do marketing at any different or new region.

You also need to understand the customer requirement like different languages accordingly to the countries.

By being aware of seasonal references, monetary references, translators’ tools, etc, you can able to make content appealing to a global audience. 

  • Train Your Team

Training becomes one of the major challenges for marketers as companies grow. There are so many changes that occur in scale and technologies.

It becomes more difficult to train them on different concepts and tools they will be using. It is also another level problem to train them to achieve their full potential

Expert Tips:

You need to be sure about each team member’s marketing strengths, levels of expertise, commitment towards works, and weakness to your company. 

Once you identify all of these criteria you need to rate the priority of their expertise. You can also use simple assessment tools like Lean Labs to identify your team’s real potential.

You also suggest them some online marketing certification. Like Hubspot Academy, it just not only offers the certificates but also provides documentation, training programs that directly help you to understand the basics of marketing.

Wrap Up:

Regular analysis of your marketing strategy and performance is the only keys to identify the real marketing opportunity. It also suggests you some improving areas you need to focus on and make it more effective.




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