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Want to build your brand online with the help of social media platforms? Then let’s plan a social media marketing strategy for your business.

Can you imagine, there are more than 4.2 billion active users on different social media. While on average each of the users spends approximately 135 minutes on the social channel every day.

Social media create new doors for businesses to explore the new customer base and expand it. But, it is too hard to find out perfect social media platforms for any particular business especially for smaller ones.

According to many social media specialists, there are countless factors that affect such a question and if you want a proper answer then you need to dig to last into business to find out perfect social media.

In this article, we are going through some useful social media platforms for small businesses.


This is one of the best platforms with detailed targeting functionality. On the basis of age, interest, gender, region you can choose the criteria for your ads. 

Facebook provides very effective and cheap ad campaigns for any small business. When you need to concentrate on Geo-targeted ad campaigns this social platform beats all other platforms.

For example, if you have a cake shop in Rajasthan, then you need not worry about getting an order or email from Delhi. Facebook only promotes your items or business as per your requirements. 

This platform is best for service companies ( Garage doors, Carpet cleaners, window washers, car washing, etc), Cafes, Restaurants, and lifestyle businesses.


Want to create a successful Question answer session for your product or services? It is more suitable to Tweet during your live session.

But, before you use this platform remember that people with millions of followers only get 7-8 likes per Tweet, you just need to focus on terms of volume.

Twitter is the most suitable platform for you if you want to run a personality-based business, online business.

If you are consultants, lifestyle entrepreneurs, Freelance writers or journalists, life coaches this platform is just meant for you.


It’s all about the best photos and videos. If you can’t create amazing artwork or creativity for your brand or services, just promote your brand on this useful platform. Instagram is the best place for Video and Photo lovers. 

Small businesses like Dance studios, Video Editors, Travel Bloggers, Photographers, Fitness businesses, etc are such kind of visually intensive and can easily get audience’s attention with the help of Instagram.

These are the major social platform you need to focus on before executing a social media marketing strategy for your business.

Here are few others tips to develop customer relationships, build brand awareness, and make sales directly with the help of social media platforms.

Plan effective social media marketing for your business

While it comes to businesses, it is not as easy as using social media in our daily lives, there’s another level thing you need to develop.

It’s not all about starting an Instagram post, or presence on Twitter, or creating a Facebook page and you get it. Every successful business starts with social planning. And summarize all possible aspects and social efforts for specific business goals like:

  • Identify and research the competitors
  • To fix social media objectives and goals
  • Audit of previous social media techniques
  • Create a social media calendar
  • Take inspiration from others ideas

Know your audience

Knowing about your audience is like a half-battle win. You must need to understand who is your audience, how to motivate them to purchase, what they want etc. Because; social media platforms are the only best place for effective micro-targeting.

Go and find out referral sites, authors for your brands or services, top trending hashtags regarding your business. All of these are key to broaden your business.  

Brandwatch offers Hootsuite insights that help you to find relevant terms for your business. With the help of Brandwatch, you can easily create buyer personas.

Expand your audience

Once you defined your target audience, you need to make changes in your social media marketing strategy. To expand your reach to more people across the world you must measure the reach of your marketing strategy.

In this pandemic situation, many social media specialists are aware of the situation that will be going to happened. As lockdown begins, people looking for numerous courses to spend their time in something valuable. The whole situation creates a boom in online courses.

“The Great Courses” is the best example for expanding their audience.

They create an offer where they advertise free trials for different countries like UK, Australia, and Canada. 

This simple modification creates a 10 times increase in total monthly subscribers!

You can also expand your audience base by predicting the new potential customer base for your business.

Build relationship not only connection 

Every business has advantages and disadvantages. Having a small business is beneficial in terms of making a good relationship with your customers.

Small businesses allow you to talk directly with your customers. You can directly ask them about products or services, their suggestion about products, likes, dislikes. 

Today, more than 50% of internet users use different social media platforms to research any brand. You can serve them organic content that clearly stat about your product and engage with them too. 

Whenever you establish a good relationship, there are higher chances to get your product content shared by customers.

Trends always matter!

Why do people use Social Media? 

To stay up to date with news and events, for staying in touch with friends, for funny content, to share numerous videos and photos and, so on……..

You need not leap on every meme that goes crazily viral. You just need to pay more attention to the current trends in social media. This helps you to create content for your social channels because people always look for trending things. 

Regardless of the level of your business, social media is the only thing that directly grows your audience and business. 

To reach out to potential customers, to connect with them, to increase awareness of brands, just improve the above criteria we discussed and you would get your desired result.