In all over the globe, 21,000 freelancers from 170 countries comprise 40% of the American workforce. There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million are self-employed with no additional payroll or employees. Approximately 534,000 new business get started each month & in this ratio 52% of all small businesses are home based.

With growing workaholic trend, people are focusing on work & recreation. People are turning toward the mentality of “no more commutes to work”, “no more bosses”, “no more office politics to bear”, “be your own brand”, and, best of all….”why to make money for others?”. Well, to some extent why not anyone can think like this! If you want to grow, you have to become a new trend.

A home based startups allows turning the word “Together” into frequent conversations with individual home-businesses. It will definitely allow the family to share the same purpose of development and work united. During startup, the best opportunity arises when you can set priorities for work and family time. Certainly, this will strengthen your family life by pooling their energies for a common goal and firsthand business.


However, in some cases, people find themselves in a dismaying dilemma. As during startup, they must have to work harder, need to discover new work, need to focus on timelines or need to complete goals of running projects. In that struggling time, entrepreneurs want their family to understand their responsibilities and let them give a space to work freely and allow them to pursue their dreams. Some are able to juggle their responsibilities very successfully, while others find it as a disaster. Family support, friends suggestions, and office arrangements will make your business easier and offers pleasant results.

So, to avoid unnecessary conflicts, you need to ask yourself first that are you able to balance your work life with business? Definitely, you will need a support of family and friends but are they able to understand if you cut-off some time from being social and not making time during the initial stage of your business?


Let’s determine the successful boundaries to balance your home based startups and family time, and tie them together with love & passion. There are many tasks you have to follow as an entrepreneur to separate your personal & professional life. But below mentioned will definitely help you to get success during your startup.

  1.  Investigate the source of the family’s concern:

It is necessary to educate your family about your business, how you can run your startup successfully? What it will demand from you and your family? At the same time, offer them a sensitive respond that their needs are also as important as the business is. Make them sure that you will work with them to alleviate their fear.

  1. Separate your work area in a home for business activities:

It is more important to maintain your home office area for business purpose. For i.e. If you are working as a freelancer or running an educational organization, you have to claim your business area with taking care of families comfort.

Either providing online services or in-house product inventory, it is must you keep your business space separated from your personal surroundings.

  1. Prepare a schedule and follow it:

It will be difficult in the initial stage for a startup to maintain family time and professional life together. So, it will be beneficial if you organize your tasks & meetings with your routine schedule. Prepare a routine schedule which includes family time to professional tasks and also provide you some me time to boost up your spirit of being successful.

  1. Take proper brakes to maintain quality time for your family.

Following a business schedule is must but spending time with family will make you feel joy and happy moments with your love of the life.

  1. Stay updated with your regular activities & its effect on your business

If you find your schedule is affecting your business goal then be ready with Plan-B. You must be prepared with the strict following of your tasks. Your professional deals required a smart idea, great efforts, and strong follow-ups. Maintain professionalism in the workplace and regain energy by spending time in family activities.


  1. Allow yourself for keeping your hobbies & relaxation:

Find one or two days week-off from your daily routine. Plan a small trip or movie, or maybe a romantic dinner, if you have children plan to visit the fun world, or play games, go to the park. Just do whatever makes you relief, because you are likely to burn out long before you reach your goals.

  1. Maintain separate financial accounts between personal & professional bank accounts:

This is obligatory for your better bookkeeping system. As day by day, your business will grow your investments will also increase. By separating both bank accounts you can track your expenses and income as well.

  1. Keep your loved one involved in your business:

You don’t know when and where your family members will help you out from the business puzzles. Ask spouse & children to help you out where they can do better than you. Take a pride and give them important for their work compassionate.

Finally, maintaining professional & personal life is as important as your goals. Following a stake of activities for your business can teach your family cooperation, financial responsibility & work ethics by sharing efforts & reward.

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