A mere change in the system does not get you through revolution but to taste the fruitful results one should require to fit himself in the new philosophy which has sowed the seeds for revolution. Before the revolution burgeoned in the field of business, the attitude of the Indian ‘dhandhadari’ (businessmen) was inclined to few sets of dogmatic phenomena which have given the definition of the term JUGAD. People were relied more on the profit making strategies. There was scarcity of the customer oriented people. But an amalgamation of both these mind sets turned the table and kick start the era of new business philosophy

It is said that India is the land of successful entrepreneurs. But Do you aware of this? There are many businesses which have not come from traditional business minds. These businesses have experienced rapid growth in Indian market. It seems like it’s not just a business for those entrepreneurs who are now the hero for the next generation & India’s ecosystem.

Let me share two most successful businesses which do not only offer services/products but also nurture their customers with astounding experiences. & that’s the secret of their swift growth.

1. CCD – Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day is India’s largest coffee chain. More than 1530 outlets (CCD) spread across 28 states of India. The cafe also has an international presence in Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic, Malaysia, Egypt. CCD is the true Indian brand that caused the coffee revolution in a tea-loving nation.

We all visit every now and then to CCD. Here why India’s young professionals, startup entrepreneurs and students prefer?


How CCD is successfully run?

CCD is targeting middle class to upper-middle-class people to provide happy hours with amazing hospitalities, like

  • Food & beverages with extremely mind blowing offers,
  • Music,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Safekeeping (parking, payment system, credit card security), etc.
  • CCD always come up with the different ambiance & feel which strive to provide the best experience to their guests.
  • Staff always in uniform, soft & friendly behavior.
  • CCD arranges customer engagement activities with special offers on regular to occasion bases & also with online contests.

With the goal of increasing the coffee chain all over the world, CCD is also offering business to those who have their own property or place to open food & beverage franchises on a globe. CCD also offer business to all and make their customers happy by offering exciting offers to their customers. People love to spend their “Me time”, “Meeting hours”, “Leisure pass time” at CCD not because it is famous, but it offers quality with living experience to its customers.

2. Paytm

Paytm Karo – “Paytm has brought a paradigm shift in the retail industry by completely transforming the payment methodology”

Paytm has expanded the scope of online wallet with recharges, pay bills for utilities, book flight/train/bus tickets, make hotel reservations, fund transfer, etc..and today paytm success story is expanding with the addition of e-retail and m-commerce stores.

You know why it is being safe and more famous for fund transfer? It handles around 5000 transactions per second.

Why do people love to use it?

You just needs to scan a code for simple yet safe & efficient fund transfer. So everyone can use it without requiring expertise.

How Paytm has made number of customers in a short span?

The biggest credit goes to government & you too people. With the demonetization, people are forced to switch to digital payment method or plastic currency. This helped paytm to gain position in the domain of e-payment application.

Paytm is famous not only in big cities, but small town people are also using paytm. Just because it’s convenient, efficient and safe.

So, slowly and steadily paytm become the favorite mode of payment among big masses.

How CCD & Paytm attract more customers?

  • Client base:

Either your idea is big or small you just require to create a good client base & for that, you need to identify your ideal customers. Then identify what your new customers are expecting from your business. It is pretty obvious that not everyone will ask for the same, so it will be difficult to build a strategy for a mass rather targeting only a single one. So you need to cast a huge net, just like CCD & Paytm to draw mass attention.

CCD is having good infrastructure with quality services, & Paytm has the market power to pull more customers from every demographic.

  1. Create a roster of interested customers:

Direct response marketing is the best and most engaging tactic to engage customers for direct call-to-action. You can do it with email marketing, newsletters, events & brand reminders by just crafting an intriguing compelling message to peak customers collective interest.

  1. Hold your customers’ interest:

To expand your business you need to provide something away to entice new customers. In simple words, who don’t like discounts or “buy one get one free” offer? Yes, exactly people will love your brand if you’re offering them quality, quantity & discount or great deals.

  1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes:

Whether your business is online or storefront, you need to put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Just look at your store, is that visible from the main road? Is it clean and have the good architecture? All arrangements are comfortable? Customers have thrilling experience after visiting you?

If your business is online, then look at your website. Is it professional? Can customers get everything all detailed information regarding your services & products? Do you have a proper logo? Every link will take customers at the right place? & the most important thing is your website is easy to use?

Once you find all these things accurate, your business will get a new facelift & will definitely increase sales.

Based on these ideas, you can easily attract more customers just like CCD & Paytm. For your business, get the right words out. Best things you can do is online advertising, newspaper advertising,  mouth to mouth advertising, etc…

The Bottom Line:

Hit the winning strategy on the right mass. Offer people something unique, affordable with the great experience. Be flexible to your customers and see how it works for your business. Build your brand image with quality services.

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