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We have been using social media daily, and we all agree that social media blunders changes our life positively, Right?

Hardly anyone doesn’t use or have an account on social media platforms. Though we know that social media brings changes, it can’t be said that those changes are positive or negative because everything depends on how you use it. Individuals use social media for entertainment, startups to showcase their products and services, and well-established companies post content daily to keep users engaging. 

The Digital marketing agency considers Social media platforms an essential aspect of marketing the brand and products. And they have a team of social media specialists responsible for handling the client’s social media presence. 

Are you aware that social media is the most effective way to reach customers?


Social media is considered the primary marketing tool and can effectively reach the targeted audience with proper practice. Social media can build a strong connection with customers or negatively affect your brand. 

Social media blunders have been created right from the existence of the platforms. Small businesses face difficulties building a solid social media presence and avoiding mistakes. Here, we’ll discuss some of the common social media blunders that affect the brand:

Common social media blunders

Here, we have listed down common social media blunders that can burn your brand:

  1. Focusing on the wrong trends

We all know that following social media trends can boost visibility. But if wrong trends are observed or used wrong hashtags, they can disappoint your viewers and lead them to unfollow you. So, before following any trend, you need to perform the necessary research. 

2. Allowing the wrong person to handle your social media accounts

Social media requires time and effort, and you can’t spend your entire day researching and posting, so you should hire a person that can look after your social media accounts. And if you hire the wrong person, they might have no idea about to handle it and can post or tweet something that can negatively affect the business.

3. Ignoring news and events

Not knowing about the current event or news and posting randomly can go after your brand image because it will make the users feel that you don’t care about the issues they’re facing. And to avoid this, you need to have social media specialists because they know how to be aware of the world’s happening. 

4. Being insensitive

Putting wrong posts and comments on social media can adversely affect your company’s reputation. So, before posting anything, be sure you think from the point of view of viewers and don’t offend them.

5. Entering into the wrong conversations

If you enter into a conversion or message that doesn’t have any connection with your brand can negatively affect your brand. These can also lead you to make your brand a laughing topic for the viewers. 

6. Lack of knowledge of social media mechanics

We understand that knowing social media mechanics is not easy, and without the proper knowledge, you can lead to making various mistakes. So, if you’re using social media, you need to make extra efforts to understand social media tools

7. Taking criticism seriously

Every brand gets negative comments and feedback. But responding to those negative comments changes nothing except making the situation worse. And to prevent this, it is better to have some guidelines to handle the situation.

8. Robot posting

People use social media to make relevant connections and find the actual content. And so, posting the content robotically can distract your viewers from the brand. 

Steps to take after creating mistakes on social media

The following are some of the steps that need to be undertaken to solve the errors:

1. Never ignore the situation

If you post something wrong or offended, you must take rapid action to solve it. And if you ignore it considering it as a no big deal, it will lead you to face further consequences. 

2. Identify the audience affected. 

If you discover that the mistake created is offensive, then you need to find who is the audience that is affected by it and how to make it up to them.  

3. Understand the problem before issuing an apology

Before apologizing, you need to understand why it has affected the audience because asking for an apology before understanding the problem can lead you to make the same mistake again.

4. Taking corrective action after apology

Sometimes just an apology is not enough because to solve the problem from the root, you need to realize the seriousness of the situation. Overacting and underacting can increase pain. 

5. Stop it from happening again.

What’s worse than creating the same social media blunder again? And to avoid it, your brand should have some social media guidelines to prevent the happening of the same mistake again. 

2022 Social Media Statistics you need to know

Here are some of the eye-catching statistics about social media you need to know:

1.189 million Facebook users are mobile friendly

2. Currently, 4.62 billion people are using social media

3. Among various social media platforms, Facebook is the most used app

4. 58.8% of internet users use Facebook

5. The average use of social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes

6. Every second, two new members sign up on Linkedin

7. Since 2012, social media has grown at an annual rate of 12%

8. Social media has taken porn as the number 1 activity on the web

9. 7% of marketers say that they don’t use social media for their business

10. 25% of mobile users can’t recall the last time they don’t have their phone beside them

11. 93% of internet users log in to social media

12. Instagram boosted 1.5 billion users

13. Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform in the entire world

14. 90% of Instagram users follow businesses

15. People spend their 5 hours monthly browsing Twitter


Whether small or big, every business uses social media to grow effectively. The less money and effort it takes to effectively reach the audience, the more it can solve your singlet mistake. It is possible that some problems can be resolved quickly, while some might take time. 

So, it’s better to hire a Social media specialist with complete knowledge about handling different social media platforms. Before posting any content, they would talk to you and mention the aim behind it. They will be responsible for growing your brand using social media platforms. 

A wrong person will respond aggressively to negative comments, whereas social media experts know how to handle negative comments and feedback on your post. 

So, hire a Social media expert today and increase the viewers of your brand!


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