Two days ago, one of my friends and I were planning to hang out at our most favorite place CCD. I think Coffee time is the best time for us to discuss regular stuff. We always find refreshment & re-energize ourselves. So as usual, we started a conversation on a few things related to work scenarios & office environment.

Suddenly, he said he was extremely confused. On the odd occasion, I feel working for someone else dream is an enigma to my morale and sometimes I sense it as the biggest paradox of my life. We worked hard to make someone’s dream come true and in the end what we get in return? At the other hand, I feel we ordinary people must have to do it to get all comforts.

SoftBank’s vote of confidence for THG is deal-making on steroids | Nils Pratley | The Guardian 10ml testosterone cypionate xconomy: genmab, mirum pharma & fulcrum raise $653m in wall street debutsI feel, Oh man, this is a contentious issue everyone like to talk about.

A bizarre situation occurred. I said, brother just take a deep breath. Relax. If you find, working for someone else is not providing the spark to your work then work for yourself. Start something on your own, work for it and just make it. Don’t freak out.

He said, “ok! Dear. But give me a reason what are the advantages of working for myself, and not for others.”

“Everyone has unique goals & a different perspective on working. For me working for others means you are nurturing their dreams to grow & shine. At the same moment, you can’t discover enough time to work on your own dreams until & unless your organization is offering what you wanted. If your dream is to become a team leader or manager or senior sales executive or whatever then you can find it best to work for someone else.”, I said.

But working for someone else will provide financial stability, too. Isn’t it? – He interrupted me.

I said, If in the month end you want your bank balance is flooded with a certain amount then definitely It would satisfy you. On other hands, if you work for yourself then there would be no cap on your potential earnings. Only your hard work will decide how much you are going to earn in a month/year. It all depends on you that how smartly you can run your business.

Admirably, I find a lot of perks in employment such as lunch breaks, flexible schedule, paid holidays, sick pay, pension scheme, healthcare, and bonus schemes, etc. Now say what makes self-employment more enlivening?

  • Professionals working as independent contractors (freelance),
  • Business owners,
  • Salespeople who work on commission,
  • Farmers and fishers, etc…

Indeed, leaving behind the comfort of a regular job & regular paycheck is a formidable prospect for many budding entrepreneurs. The fear of being an entrepreneur is often ruining many brilliant & profitable ideas. Indeed, there is no denying that being an entrepreneur or self-employment has its challenges and that, not everyone, can kiss the success but those who are determined & know how to use their resources, then their persistence will definitely get them on the path of growing business which offers them the potential lifestyle.

Moreover, there are many advantages of self-employment.

Your life, Your Control.

Oh, tell me one thing, At job everyone must be assigned with some of the targets or project goals with a big work deadline. If you are enjoying a superior position then you have to do overtime without any extra pay or sometimes you have to attain a client calls or need to reply long emails of your boss. Whereas self-employed benefits cover all command in your hand. You can switch your task by your own priorities. You can take a day off whenever you want to. Even more, your extra efforts will increase your income & bonus points will include more enthusiasm for your work.

Many companies are covered with some type of senior people who like to take all the commands. Whereas being a self-employed or an entrepreneur you can make all decisions with the vision of your future goals & which are more in favor of your family future. You can choose your destiny.

Choose the people you like to work with.


You may feel in your career growth that you have to work with such people whom you dislike or even their work process is not comfortable for you. However, in self-employment, you can able to make a decision with a hire & fire attitude. You can build a team which aligned to suit your personality & passionate to achieve the goals.


I have often found people gossiping about people take credits of their work. Those who are working for someone else always wonder like yar, that employee is so lucky. He/she got that position where his/her vision is clear to the company & always got the dream work. But my friend, those people are remarkably few. Others have to “Fight tooth and nail” to get that position in the organization.


As an employee, you will get paid overtime for putting more efforts & overtime. You may rarely get a share or a profit rewards which was generated from your hard work. Whereas in self-employment you can find your rewards in financial results. Yes, starting a business is a huge risk but if you make it right then the reward far outweighs that risk.

Have a chance to help people.


Running own business means you are creating job opportunities for many people. It suits all, local to big businesses which are supporting a community by hiring people. It may help local families to improve their lives by such of your programs & services which you are offering.

You can make a stand.

Honestly, being creative is the most satisfying thing you can find for yourself. I found all successful entrepreneurs have the ability of problem-solving skills which make them strong to make their own stand. You can create a vision and ethos to those who are employed. You can make a stand to achieve your goals.


While working for yourself, you can focus on your passion & you can make a big difference with your own creative ideas and work. It’s not just an idiom, For being a successful entrepreneur, you must have to put all your sweat, tears & blood into your passion. You have to go an extra mile & pull your socks up until you get what you dreamt for.


Just ask a question to yourself, what if you never find guts to make your dream come true? What if you never took that step for your passion? What if you find yourself dreaming of running your own business but your fear of failure destines you to choose a life of mediocrity?

Dear, if this is the case then you must not let anything stand in your way to run your own business. Just need to go with your passion & intelligent ideas to make it run successfully with the pure sense of self-fulfillment. Learn a lesson if you fall down, build a trump on your fleeting fears. Keep in a mind that it’s a journey of your dream, your goal & it’s truly worthy of choosing a path of your passion.

My friend asked, working for someone else is really all that bad?

Actually, it’s not bad or good. Some people value security & satisfied with regular income. Some love to take the risk. Some like to work independently. On the other hand, some don’t like to take more responsibilities at work. None of the options is right or wrong. It’s just personal choice. – I said.

Whoohoooo, brother, you sound like my Acharya. We laughed loudly. Passed funny comments on each other & carry on gossiping on our favorite stuff.

But my valuable visitors, The discussion is still open. Do share your perspectives on what you prefer to work on your dreams or work for someone else?

Before taking any decision must watch the video which may definitely inspire you to work on yourself:

Share with me what you will love to do? Working for yourself or you still prefer to work for others!

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