Surprised with the title? Affirmative, you may presume what’s the difference between the tag FAIL & F.A.I.L? In point of fact, a similar reaction was mine too. Some days ago, I was just scrolling the screen of LinkedIn and I found the word F.A.I.L. & I just stop over there. I was like ohk… this one is also one of the regular posts and started scrolling my screen again. 


After a day, I heard this “You are Fail.” 

Excuse me. What? I said. 

The client with whom I was planning a deal for the next project said I failed to impress him with my proposal. I genuinely asked him why? What’s the reason? I mean you can share your thoughts about the proposal. I asked desperately, which you didn’t like? My ideas or my way of explanation? Quotes or something else? You can share it. I was a bit curious to know where I am lacking. And at the same moment, he laughed at me and said, common. Take a breath. 

He said I was thoroughly checking your confidence. Your assisting power. As I am planning for the long-term project with you. 

I got relaxed and said really? I mean why? You have my portfolios; you already worked with me, even you know my way of working very well. Then why now? He said, you were a bit distracted during the meeting with my questions and somehow you managed the proposal with your conclusion. But it was quite tricky. 

Here, come to the biggest point which I was not able to pitch with the top expertise because I was distracted and my distraction was pretended with my facial expressions in front of the client. 

The client was super genuine and already knew my work so he kept me on the same page of the deal. But to be very frank, if that was the new client with whom I was dealing for the 1st time then definitely he will reject me on my face. 

What I learn from this incident is.

It’s up to you to carry the tag, FAIL or F.A.I.L. 


If you want to achieve your dream at any cost and want to be successful then go with F.A.I.L. which stands for the first attempt in learning. By all means, if you lost something then prepare your mind that you do not fail. Your first attempt is failed. And see the magic of this word.

If someone says, you fail. You will feel demotivated, frustrated, unhappy, unsure, blank, etc. But if you will bear this word with the attitude that no I am not Fail. It was just my first attempt that was failed. Next see the drastic change in your emotions, strength, and curiosity to achieve what you are visualizing

On the serious note, fail, failure, lost, loose, backouts are not negative words. It’s your surroundings and your mind that distracts you and demotivates you.

My incident was too small. But let’s limelight some of the remarkable personalities.

WHICH TAG YOU WILL CHOOSE? FAIL OR F.A.I.L.?Walt Disney – A pioneer of the American animation industry. Yes, Walt Disney was making cartoons for some church. He started his career in an art studio where his core job was creating ads for newspapers and magazines. During his commercial work, he discovered his interest in animation and finally started his own animation company. If you guys know then the most famous Disney’s first original character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” was invented by him, but due to his officially contract it was owned by Universal Studio at the time. His 1st attempt failed to get a name on his art. But he didn’t stop. He walked out from Universal pictures & started work on the replacement of Oswald and introduced an amazing cartoon “Mickey Mouse.” The idea came to introduce the mouse cartoon from the rat infected place where he was living. After that, He becomes an enormously successful entrepreneur with his animation company. His determination of making the greatest theme park was opened as a “Disneyland” on July 17, 1955. 

What can we learn from him?

Carry moral imagination & unrelenting spirit to encourage yourself to make your dream live. 

Let’s take one more example.

WHICH TAG YOU WILL CHOOSE? FAIL OR F.A.I.L.?If you have heard the story about Wilbur and Orville Smit. The two men, who were trying to create their airplane. Exact 3 days before the launch of the aircraft, in the new york times there was an article in the editorial that “they are crazy people and their machines are crazy. They think they can fly up in the machines. It’s impossible. Only birds can fly…” And after 3 days they fly in their airplane. They succeeded. So, there is no such thing as a failure.

What you can grasp from this is, if your idea is innovative then people will laugh at you first. Once you started learning and exploring your ideas, they will test you. They will criticize you. & lastly, they come to you to congratulate you on your success. 

So it’s completely up to you, whether you take “Fail, NO, This is crazy, etc…” words seriously or just take it as a step to reach out to your goal. 

What do you believe? 

Will you go with the tag FAIL or just First Attempt in Learning(F.A.I.L.)? 

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