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Stop Making Marketing Mistakes! 95% of businesses make big Marketing Strategy Mistakes. That you need to avoid. 


We all have heard the Marketing word buzzing around us and know what marketing brings us, Right?

Nowadays, everyone needs to know how to plan and execute the market to be known in the market. Every small and big business requires a proper marketing strategy, from making a spot in the market to selling products and services. 

A strong marketing strategy is essential to building a successful company.

We understand that marketing is vital for business but challenging to understand. Marketing is not just a brand but a map showing how to increase sales and profit. A company should have enough budget to carry out marketing activities. 

However, you might feel that implementing the marketing strategy is as easy as understanding the meaning of marketing. But No, it’s not like that. 

For carrying out practical marketing activities is advisable to hire a Digital marketing agency because they have all the required knowledge about how to carry out marketing strategy and satisfy all your marketing needs that bring potential results. 

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is all about the process of bringing the brand and products in front of the audience. It has proven helpful for individuals and businesses. Even marketing helps to understand the target audience, promote the products and deliver them through the right channel.

How can it be beneficial for both of them?

Marketing helps the business to attract the audience, whereas it also helps the individual to learn which brand offers the products they’re looking for. 

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Avoid these 10 Marketing Strategy Mistakes

Here, we’ll discuss some of the common marketing strategy mistakes:

  1. Making assumptions

If you assume you know your customer’s tastes, preferences, needs, and how to operate in this competitive market, then let me tell you that you’re mistaken, which can cost you more. 

2. Lacking a clear vision

If you don’t know what you want to achieve through your marketing efforts, then all your time and energy are wasted. So, before executing any marketing strategy, you need to figure out why you’re doing this and what you expect from it. 

3. Disregarding customer complaints

Your brand’s online presence on social media also leads to negative customer feedback and complaints. And not taking any action to solve those complaints can affect your brand’s reputation.

4. Ignoring phone calls.

Most marketers don’t use phones because they think it might be regarding any complaint or spam, but in reality, it can bring more profits. According to a report, 60% of smartphone users use mobile and click on “contact us” to enquire about services.  

5. Not knowing your targeted audience.

Every brand came into existence to attract customers and profits. But if you don’t know who your audience is and making marketing efforts in general, then let me tell you that you’re making a huge mistake. If you don’t know your audience, how will you create a marketing strategy to attract them to the brand? 

6. Fake popularity

There are fake likes and followers on social media. And if any business is using these tactics to gain customer trust, then they are lowering their business standards because they are manipulating the customers. 

7. Ignoring customer requirements

If you’ve figured out who your customers are, why are you not satisfying their needs? Ignoring customer requirements will bring you to the bottom line and make the customers feel you don’t care about their needs. 

8. Competing on price

The discounts and sales can be temporarily beneficial. And if you start delivering the products at low prices, it won’t be easy for you to raise the price. Also, customers suddenly will not accept the high costs and may stop purchasing from you.

9. Forgetting to update

If you use a website, email, print ad, or anything to perform marketing, remember to keep it updated because if there are any new changes and you’ve not updated it, then it might lead people to think you don’t care about your services. You can even hire a digital marketing experts to look after these things.

10. Avoiding social media

Social media is one of the critical aspects of marketing, and ignoring it can deprive you of many future profits. If you don’t use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, your audience might not know about your brand’s existence. 

How Do You Solve Marketing Strategy Mistakes?

Now, let’s discuss the points about how to solve the marketing problems:

1. If needed apologize

If you have created a problem that attracted public attention, you must address it and explain the situation. Never mind if you’ve deleted the post, then also, if required, you should ask for an apology, not negatively affecting the brand. During an apology, you must address what you’ve done and how it affected the audience.

2. Replace

If your marketing problem occurs because of posting something wrong, you need to correct it by posting the right content. The inappropriate posting includes incorrect spelling, copyright images, and much more. Always remember that whatever you do to resolve the situation should support your brand goals. 

3. Reexamine

You should get back to your marketing tool to figure out what went wrong. Have you run out of resources and leading to poor performance? And once you spot the problems, you need to guide your team members so they can also take care of them.

The list of 2022 Marketing statistics

Here, we have some of the eye-catching marketing facts:

  1. Email marketing has 4400% growth (OptinMonster)
  2. 49% of emails opened on smartphones (IBM)
  3. 69% of marketers invested in SEO
  4. 82% of marketers use content marketing
  5. Currently, Instagram has 500+ million active users
  6. 70% of marketers say that the highest performing emails sent from a person (Databox)
  7. Each year, 1.66 billion people shop online (Statista)
  8. The engagement rate for a short video is 53.9%
  9. 53% of marketers say that webinars gain high leads
  10. 75% of marketers say that their campaigns are influencing the revenues of the brand

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In this blog, we’ve learned about the mistakes that should be avoided to get fruitful results. A strong marketing strategy without errors can be essential in taking your business from bottom to top.

But a strong marketing strategy can also be possible if you hire a  to look after all your marketing needs. The digital experts ensure you don’t make any wrong move that will further cost your brand image. You have to inform them about your requirements, budget and the products you offer. The rest of the results depends on how they carry out the entire marketing process.

So, stop wasting your time and hire a digital marketer today!

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