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You must have heard the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and top SEO tools in your office. But have you put on thought about why everyone wants to use SEO in their marketing technique? 

No? Yes? Confused?

At first, everyone gets confused about it but don’t worry; we’re here at your rescue. 

Here, we’ll give you brief information about SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization service is the method for enhancing the website to gain quantity and quality traffic. Through SEO, the marketing team makes efforts to get the highest ranking for the website and get it in the top-10 results on search engines. And if your ranking is not increasing, then you must accept that your SEO strategy is not working, and you need to take a deep look into it and hire the best Digital marketing agency.

Have you ever used SEO tools?

Of course, yes, but Do you know which tool is best?

No? Confused? 

We’llWe’ll give you a list of the best SEO tools in the market that’ll make your website evergreen.

What are top SEO tools?

If SEO is mobile, then SEO tools are the charger on which the whole working of mobile is based. SEO tools provide the data that helps you understand your website’s health. It will give you information about the opportunities available and the hurdles you’ve to solve to grow the ranking of your website. 

The knowledge of the name of SEO tools is not enough. You should also know how to use it. 

The SEO tools are divided into six categories:

  1. Keyword tools
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Content efficiency tools
  4. Link-building tools
  5. Ranking tools
  6. Backlink tracking tools

Let’s scrutinize them:

  1. Keyword tools

These tools help you with keyword research and finding the right keyword to attract an audience.

2. Technical SEO

Apart from keyword research, you should also know how your website functions. It can help you to solve all the technical errors like loading problems, Duplicate content, and much more.

3. Content efficiency tools

After understanding all the right keywords, you must place them in the content and write them. 

4. Link-building tools

We understand that Google doesn’t suggest a link-building tool, but in reality, it’s one of the best tools. It helps the web pages to link with each other. And also allow the audience to move around different pages.

5. Ranking tools

Ranking tools help you to find whether your SEO strategy is valuable and whether you’re among the top ranking on search engines or not. 

6. Backlink tracking tools

Backlink tracking tools help you identify competitors, improve links, and identify new opportunities. 

Here, we have a list of the top SEO tools used by SEO specialists:

Some of the best Keyword SEO tools

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an SEO tool that will help you to find the right keyword and improve your search engine results. This tool not only allows you to find the right keyword but also to look at its overview. You can get a view of how much people use this keyword and whether it is trending. 

Further, if you scroll down, you can view similar keywords and know whether your competitors use them. SEMrush is recognized as the no.1 keyword tool.

2. SparkToro

As a brand, we want to understand our viewer’s behavior, requirements, and what type of content attracts them. The SparkToro scrolls facebook and understand your targeted audience, and help you to raft content that engages them.

Some of the Top Technical SEO tools

  1. Website Grader by HubSpot

You must enter the domain name here, and the entire report card will be in front of you. This report card will give you performance information and the steps to improve your website.

2. Responsinator

It shows your webpage on mobile, tablets, and laptops. It shows you how your website will look on different devices, not the steps to solve the problems.

Some of the best Content efficiency tools

  1. Google analytics

You’llYou’ll have the groundwork to understand a wide range of content. Google Analytics gives you a brief about the traffic and interactions on your content. It provides page-by-page information to give you a clear understanding of how your customers are using your data.

2. Google webmaster tools

With Google webmaster tools, you can track the keywords that helped your website to rank higher. It will also provide the errors and report that better understand how to improve website performance through content.

  1. SEMrush backlink Gap tool

SEMrush backlink gap tool helps you to compare your link with your competitors and discover opportunities. If it makes you realize that your competitor is intense, it will help you improve your website.

2. Google Alerts

Every link builder should be an expert in using Google alerts, as this is a free and powerful tool. It provides you with all the signs, like who mentioned you online, who wrote the content using your keyword, sees what your competitors published, and much more. 

Some of the best Ranking tools

  1. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking provides the accurate ranking position of your website. You can track your rankings on region, city, and country levels. It helps you to discover on-off-page problems. You can also get information about how your competitors are gaining ranking with your targeted keywords. 

2. Advanced web tracking

Advanced web tracking makes rank tracking easy. It provides results about how much your website is used on a laptop, mobile, or tablet. You can get ranking results daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. LinkMiner

If you want to monitor your rivals’ backlinks and contact the websites that send visitors, you can use LinkMiner. It helps you to rate your backlinks, including quantity and quality. 

2. Majestic

The Majestic SEO tool is the best option for your SEO strategies. If you want to get details about your backlinks, then Majestic is the best option. You must enter the domain, and all your history and fresh backlinks will be categorized based on quality. 


SEO came into the limelight in August 2021; before that, only a few companies considered it a part of their marketing strategy. We understand that there are various SEO tools in the market, and you might get different results from all of them. Everything depends on which tool you use for your SEO strategy. Some tools might show you the plagiarism, while some show 100% unique content. 

Like the tools used for content, optimization is important, and other tools that contribute to higher ranking are equally important. So lastly, you have to find the SEO specialists who use the right tools and offer affordable search engine optimization services to gain the upper hand.

Other options are also available in the market besides the tools mentioned above. You have to find out which tool is best for you. 

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