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Are you wondering what you’re lacking in your Real estate marketing strategy? 


The Real estate industry is very competitive. And the reason major real estate businesses fail is that they cannot build their online presence. The difference between successful and failed real estate businesses is impressive marketing strategies. 

But for effective marketing strategies, you must think out of the box. The various marketing channels like SEO, Social media, email marketing, website, and paid advertising stand out from the crowd. And that will be taken care of by the marketing agency that can deliver social media marketing services, search engine optimization services, and much more that give you the right direction for your progress. 

Here, we have real estate marketing ideas that help you build a strong brand, encourage users to trust you, and will bring more profit. 

Some of the Real Estate Marketing ideas:

  1. Real Estate Website Marketing 
  • Have impressive web design

Do you know most users judge the brand based on the web design? Your entire web design should be on top, so the images, menu, and call-to-action should be proper.

  • Hire a photographer

Decent photos of the site are necessary. It should be clicked from every angle because the right angle makes all the difference. And for that, you can hire a photographer, or if you have the right tools and abilities, you can click the correct photos of the properties. 

  • Prioritize user experience

While creating a website, you must remember that you’re making the website for the users. So as a real estate you need to spend time on your website improvement to ensure you give the best user experience.

  • Practise SEO

SEO is required to take your business on top. And your marketing agency should be able to offer the right Search engine optimization services like:

  • Off-page SEO- It happens outside the site. Off-page SEO is about getting high domains to get links to your site. 
  • On-page SEO- To create high-quality and relevant content, it is essential to develop your headlines, HTML tags, and images. 
  • Technical SEO- Make your website quick loading to give the best user experience.

2. Real estate Social Media Marketing

  • Get found

There are various social media channels like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; you need to build your presence on these channels. Make sure you fill all the required information you get easily found by the users. 

  • Use trendy hashtags

Using the right and most popular hashtags on social media channels will help you to get found by the right audience. Before placing the hashtags, you need to research which hashtags are maximum used by the users.

  • Add share button

If your photos or information are impressive, the users have the habit of sharing it with family and friends. So, you need to add the necessary buttons to make it easier for them to share the images. 

3. Real Estate Email Marketing

  • Creating newsletter

Create and send a valuable newsletter that includes information about your upcoming events, seminars, tips, and more. Be sure you prepare the report based on different communities.

  • Send greetings via email.

Create personalized messages for the client’s anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion. This personalized experience will help the clients to get back to you when they need services.

4. Local Real Estate Marketing

  • Consider local sponsorships

To get users’ attention, try to sponsor school events, festival functions, or sports teams. This will help you to build your presence in the mind of many people.

  • Post local content

Always remember you’re not working for any specific home but the whole area. You need to prepare content that covers what’s the best thing your entire site can offer. And also, make sure that you’re adding the right keywords that help you get found by the users searching for homes online.  

  • Develop relationships with local business

Getting along with the other local business will help you to get known in the market. When you develop relationships, you can ask them to put your logo on their products, which will take your business to a peak.

5. Offline Real Estate Marketing 

  • Create business card

Create unique business cards and hand them over to clients. Always remember to put your email id and contact number in it so the users can get in touch with you.

  • Utilize call tracking

Call tracking for the real estate business in their paid search campaigns is crucial. Most people use phones to search for real estate and make appointments. And for that, you need to track the ads driving the audience.

  • Provide care package

We all believe in developing solid relationships with our clients, and if you want your previous clients to remember you and again back to you and recommend you to their friends and families, you need to make your spot in their minds. So, after delivering your services, you can give them the care package so that it creates a positive impression. 

How to find the best Real Estate Marketing agency?

Here are some of the points you need to consider before hiring a real estate marketing agency:

  • Understand your needs

Nobody can understand your business as much as you do. So, you need to understand your long-term objectives and marketing needs to help you find the best real estate marketing agency.

  • Set a budget

For marketing, there are different price points available in the market. And to find the right digital marketing agency, you need to decide on the proper budget under which you want your marketing needs to get accomplished. 

  • Do basic research

We never purchase a product before looking at its details, so we never select a marketing agency before looking at its records and online presence. It would be great if you also took the time to listen to other real estate agents and marketers about how they differentiate you from other businesses.

  • Prepare questions

Come up with some questions that help you differentiate among various marketing agencies. 

  • Hire the right marketing agency

After doing all the research, it’s time to hire the right marketing agency that satisfies your real estate needs.

  • Keep an eye on regular activities.

Never forget to check the regular activities of your marketing agency, hoping they’re doing the right thing. You need to be in touch with them to ensure the proper progress and, if required, make necessary adjustments.


Until now, you must’ve known that finding the right marketing agency is essential for your real estate business to grow. Ensure that your chosen marketing agency can make the necessary marketing efforts and deliver effective results. The marketing agency should provide expert SEO and Social media services to put your real estate business on top. 

So, hire a real estate marketing agency today!

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