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Are you thinking about Google ads to grow your brand?


If you’re considering using Google ads to target the market, you better spend your money wisely. First, this advertising platform came into existence in 2018 with the name Google Adwords and later, in 2000, this platform underwent rebranding. And now, this platform is known as Google Ads. 

With the broad audience on Google, it’s likely that you and your potential customers have seen Google ads and have probably clicked on them. Using Google ads, the company can advertise its goods and services to the audience. But due to various features understanding, Google ads can be quickly confusing. Currently, it’s not surprising that the more effective and targeted your paid ads are, the more click they’ll produce, bringing new clients. 

For instance: The confusing part occurs when you try to understand: How display ads are different from Search ads? How are search ads other than video ads?

Businesses across all sectors frequently use these Google ads to increase their brand awareness. For a better understanding of Google ads, you need to make efforts to clear your confusion regarding the examples mentioned above.

For strong Google ads planning and implementation, you need to hire a professional Digital marketing agency. The top-rated Digital marketing agency provides the best SEO and Social media marketing services. They have a team of experts who are well-aware of Google ads and understand how they can change your business’s future.  

What are Google ads?

You might’ve seen Google ads on Google, but if you don’t know what exactly Google ads are, then we’re here to help you. 

The results that appear with the tag “Ads” are Google ads. Google ads enable you to develop online advertisements for targeted audiences interested in your products or services. The basis of the Google ads platform is Pay-per-click (PPC). 

Google ads give access to the business to highlight its website. There are various methods, so you must select the best method for your company.

Further, Google ads can also help you to analyze those ads that bring positive results. Thus, it is the most effective way to drive good-fit customers and high-quality traffic. 

Reasons to use Google ads for your brand.

Now, look at the reasons that ensure that Google ads are the best for your brand:

1. Flexible marketing platform

Someone who routinely uses the Google ads platforms can tell that this platform is highly flexible. It is found perfect for companies of all sizes and shapes. This technique can give you access to turn and turn off the internet traffic. You can also choose your spending limit for a particular campaign area. Lastly, you can target the audience with Google ads based on their locations and the devices they prefer to use for search results. 

2. Educate yourself about the market.

Understanding your audience will make it easier for you to deal with and learn your client’s exact needs. Google ads will give you access to clients’ preferences and needs. Getting this knowledge is a dream and challenging for many business owners. This platform will give you knowledge about customers, like their location, the hours they spent searching, and the device they use. 

3. It helps gather the audience’s desire.

Have you ever given thought to how Google can recognize your wants? Google’s clever algorithm can realize the audience’s desire and provide precisely what they want. The users surf Social media and Google for their needs, so you can use these platforms to run their advertisements. If you know how to run a compelling ad, you’ll be able to target customers looking for the products you sell. 

4. It helps to control the budget.

In the past years, marketers struggled to run advertising initiatives within the budget. And now, the hoardings and radio commercials have lost their effectiveness. And in such a situation, the Google ads came as a relief. Google ads help you to learn how you’re spending your money, and they solve the issue of unnecessary spending. 

5. Boost leads and customers

Google ads are one of the effective ways to generate leads. So, if you set up your Ad campaign correctly, it will help you receive high-quality leads. Moreover, the Google ads will help you concentrate on the customers seeking your company’s products. Thus, it allows you to bring high-quality leads and customers. 

6. Provides better ROI

Compared to other marketing strategies, Google ads require markets only to spend money on clicked ads. Once you optimize, the Google ads campaign will help you experience a better and higher Return on investment (ROI). Moreover, it is an ideal tool because it provides all the information required to calculate and analyze the ROI.

7. To increase brand recognition.

Most digital experts keep an eye on the Google ad’s reach, leads, and sales. In the middle of all this, they will underestimate the brand-building potentiality. The Google ads also help the users to visit your advertisement more than once. And this will lead to increasing your brand awareness. 

8. Provides immediate and clear outcomes

Google ads are renowned for providing specific outcomes about your campaign. It gives information like keywords entered by the users and ads clicked and analyzed the development of your campaign. All these features make Google ads an immediate and easy-to-use system.

Types of Google ads

Now, let’s understand the type of Google ads in detail:

1. Search ads

Text advertisements, known as Search ads, are viewed on Google result pages. The benefit of Search ads is that they allow you to publicize your advertising on Google. This is the place where most searchers turn to search for information. You can search ads highlighting your goods and services in the search results. 

  • Responsive Search ads (RSAs)

Most Google ads are Responsive search ads. These ads are displayed when specific Google search phrases are entered. When designing responsive search ads, you can provide numerous headlines and descriptions. Further, the Google ads will automatically test various combinations and determine which works best. Moreover, responsive search ads also give you access to modify the content of your ad that fits best for your potential customers. 

  •  Dynamic search ads (DSAs)

Dynamic search ads (DSAs) are search ad that relies on Google’s algorithm. Dynamic search ads are comparable to conventional text ads. These advertisements are an excellent way to expose interesting searches to emotional information. This advertisement may be a good fit if you have a well-structured website.

2. Display ads

Display ads are a technique for luring a website, social media platforms, and other digital media audiences to take a particular action. The image ads, also known as display ads, are on Google networks. Google will select the website to display the ads that frequently receive more visitors. The display ads have static or moving visuals and are advised for brand recognition. 

3. Call ads

Call ads are displayed on devices that can make phone calls and are intended to entice customers to call your company. The users who search for the keywords on their mobile devices see call ads or ads that display your company’s phone number. These commercials are frequently used to generate leads because phone calls are a quick method to learn more about clients. 

4. App ads

As the name implies, app ads are advertisements that showcase your mobile app. These advertisements are displayed on devices like tablets and phones. These types of ads are used to promote the download of your app. You can display these ads on Youtube, Google search networks, Google play, and more. 

5. Shopping ads

Shopping ads are a different sort of Google ads. The Shopping ads are featured by including specific product details like the images, prices, and features of the item. These product listing ads are displayed at the top of the search engine results. Also, your Shopping ads can help you boost your offline sales. 

6. Video ads

Video ads are about making brief and educational videos to advertise a product. Further, these ads can be displayed before or after the main video. The best platform to promote video ads is Youtube. Youtube also allows viewers to watch the video in the middle of another Youtube video.

How do Google ads work?

Through Google ads, you’ll be able to display ads to potential customers looking for the products or services you offer. Google ads use a pay-per-click (PPC) business model. In short, the advertisers use Google to target a specific keyword and place bids against other advertisers using the exact phrase. 

Various things impact your capacity to develop successful and highly-effective Google ads, so you should consult SEO specialists. The specific things that affect Google ads will be discussed here:

1. High-quality score and AdRank

The AdRank determines your ad’s placement, and one of those two factors is the Quality score that affects your AdRank. Always remember that the Quality score depends on the caliber and relevancy of your ads. Further, Google also analyzes the number of people who click on your ads. 

2. Keyword research

Researching the keyword is crucial for paid advertisements because it is done for the organic search. Your keywords should be as close as possible and reflect the objective of the searcher. This is because Google matches your ads with searches depending on your chosen keywords. 

3. Location

When you first put it up, choose the region where your Google ads will display. Keep in mind that your location’s setting will affect how you’re placed. If you have a store, it should be close to where you’re physically located. If you operate an online store and sell actual goods, you should specify your location to the locations from where you ship. 

For example: If you’re running a dance studio in Mumbai, then someone searching for the dance studio in Ahmedabad will not find your name in the search results. 

It’s because, according to our search place, Google shows the nearby areas. 

4. Headline and Description

Your ad copy determines whether someone clicks on your ads or one from a rival. As a result, it’s crucial that your ad language aligns with your targeted keywords, satisfies the persona’s pain point, and matches the searcher’s desire. As your headline and description use less space, they should be written in such a way that it conveys your message to the targeted audience.

5. Match types

Match types tell Google whether you want your ads to be seen or want to match the search query perfectly. They provide some flexibility when it comes to choosing your keywords. The four-match types are:

  • Broad match

The default mode, referred to as Broad match, uses any word inside your keyword phrase in any sequence. 

  • Modified broad match

By designating them with a “+” symbol, the Modified broad match enables you to lock in specific words with a keyword phrase. Your matches will, at the very least, contain that locked-in term. 

  • Exact match

Although it reaches fewer queries than both phrase and broad match, Exact match gives you access to control the user’s who can see your advertisements. 

  • Phrase match

If you utilize Phrase match in your ads, your ads will only appear when the searcher types the exact word in the search query. It is more narrowly focused but still versatile in many ways, like the broad match type. 

6. Ad extensions

If you’re willing to run Google ads, then you should use ad extensions for two reasons: 

  • Because they’re free
  • It gives more information


The final truth is that Google ads are ideal for you if it comprehends your business objectives. Remember to outline your method and analyze the outcomes thoroughly and continuously.

For effective Google ads implementation, get in touch with a Digital marketing agency that understands that Google ads are the game changer. They are aware of all the aspects that impact Google ads. And so, talk with them today and include the Google ads in your strategy. 

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