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Do you have any SEO-friendly domain names?


Then it’s time that gets one.

For your new website, picking the appropriate domain name is essential. This is considered the first step in building the online brand. We all know that SEO plays a significant role in any business’s growth, so the domain name in SEO is more than you think.

Your domain name conveys information about who you are, the services you offer, and your online brand position. Your internet presence may appear friendlier or less friendly to enquiring visitors based on what you decide to register. 

But do you know that picking an SEO-friendly domain name is easy?

Well, Choosing a domain name that is search engine-friendly is more complicated than it seems. It takes lots of thought and time. 

If you choose the incorrect domain name, you might have to face the consequences like losing money, search engine traffic, and in the worst-case scenario, Google can declare you as spam. 

So, to avoid such situations, hiring a Digital marketing agency is better. The professional agency has a team of experts who provides the best SEO and Social media marketing services. Digital marketers develop different methods and tactics to build the SEO-Friendly domain name. The SEO-friendly domain name will help your business to grow effectively. 

Many stories and out-of-date tactics are floating around. So, here we’ll discuss the most often asked queries regarding the domain name. Just keep in mind that selecting a domain name that is SEO-Friendly is only one component of the SEO process. 

What is a Domain name?

The address at which the internet can visit your website is known as a domain name. In short, a domain name is the online version of their street address. Instead of using its IP address, it makes it easier for the users to find your website. A domain name is a string of numbers, letters, and symbols users type into their browsers to visit a particular web address directly. 

The essential component of the internet’s infrastructure is domain names, which are composed of a proper title and an extension. 


Reasons To Consider An SEO-Friendly Domain Name.

Now, let’s discuss the top reasons to prefer a domain name:

1. To boost website traffic

Sometimes the higher ranking doesn’t bring potential customers. Change your domain name, nevertheless, if it does not resonate with your business and if it does not carry enough visitors. 

It would help if you created a relevant domain name with excellent branding potential as it leads you towards improving the search engine rankings and boosting website traffic.

2. To create easy to use URL

You’re considering changing your domain name because you want to shorten your current domain so that the clients can remember it easily. Additionally, the short domains are simpler to share and will aid in expanding your brand. 

You can find a perfect domain for your company among the various options. Currently, the range of available domain name extensions has grown. So, take some time to research and modify your domain name and register the perfect domain for your company.

3. To reduce online marketing costs.

Today, most businesses are investing a lot of money in marketing. However, changing your website’s name to something more memorable is essential to increase traffic. Doing this will help you avoid sponsored marketing, pricey search engine positions, and other methods. 

4. Your domain name should reflect your business.

Always choose a domain name that accurately describes your company’s products and services. So, according to your services, if your current domain name does not support your business, you should change and register a new domain name. 

5. Domain names add credibility.

Having the domain name gives your business a polished appearance. You want to make every possible effort to demonstrate that your business is one people can trust and get motivated to invest their money. The reason is that are some less reliable websites on the internet. 

Think wisely:

If you’re not getting a proper domain name, how would visitors feel that you’re ready to put efforts into providing perfect goods and services?

6. To declare the initiative

Having your domain name demonstrates to the world that you’re part of the new generation. Further, it also declares that you know the conditions necessary to launch a business. You may think it’s small, yet it provides that advantage over the competitors. 

7. To build your brand.

A domain name raises the visibility of your brand. It strengthens your brand and makes it simpler for your clients to remember, and they might also revisit you if they think your domain name corresponds to your company name. Further, if your clients remember your name, they might recommend you to their friends. 

Lastly, the domain name can significantly affect how much traffic you receive and how well you’re known in the market. 

8. To establishes user expectations

Users will likely have some expectations when they visit your domain name. Therefore, you need to ensure that you fulfill those expectations. Your brand’s recognition will automatically be increased with the current domain name. If your domain name matches your company’s name, it will make it easier for the customers to recall. Hence, it will naturally draw you more guests. 

9. To add mobility to your online presence.

When you have your domain name, you can keep using it even if you change web hosts or utilize an internal server. If you don’t have your domain name, you can choose a new URL. It will eliminate the search engine ranking you established with your first address. 


How to select an SEO-friendly Domain name?

Here, we’ve mentioned steps to help you create the best domain name for the search engine. But for any SEO-related needs, it’s always advisable to take the help of a Digital marketing agency.

1. Put top-level domain extensions to use

Before making a domain purchase, you must understand which domain extension is perfect for you and your business. Currently, there are more than 1000 domain extensions, making it difficult for you to select one. Please decide on the domain extension based on your industry because various extensions exist for different websites. 

Some of the top extension examples are:

.edu – The .edu extension is widely used for educational websites.

.com – This extension is mainly used in commercial businesses.

.us – This domain is used by organizations present in the United States

2. Branded domain names

Selecting a recognizable domain name benefits SEO. A domain with a significant banding will be more memorable, attract and inspire them to trust you. More links and social shares are generated by perfect and innovative branding, which search engines are looking for. That’s something a keyword-heavy domain is unlikely to produce. So, think differently and come up with a creative idea.

3. Keep the domain name short

Undertake all the necessary steps to keep your domain name short. If you take the example of top brands like Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook, you might have noticed all these brands have a short domain name. It’s because short domains are simple to memorize and pronounce.

4. Avoid using hyphens

When creating an SEO-friendly domain name, ensure that you avoid using hyphens. The usage of hyphens in the domain name makes it hard to pronounce. For example, if we take Samsung as an example, it has a simple domain name Now, if we add a hyphen, it will be like Now, you must understand how one hyphen can complicate the domain name. 

5. Ensure it’s easy to type and memorize

Finding a domain name that is easy to remember is crucial for any business. Users find it incredibly challenging to put in domain names with complicated characters. And it was also challenging to recall. If users wish to return to your website, they will be confused by your domain name, and if they enter the domain incorrectly, they might go to another website. So, to avoid such situations, you must prepare an easy-to-remember domain name.

6. Avoid using repeated letters

Always ensure you don’t use repeated letters when creating or buying a domain. To understand this point, let’s compare “” and “” is a clear and straightforward domain name. The other domain name, “,” is complicated to recall and can be considered a spam website. As the different domain is confusing, you might misspell them, causing you to lose customers.

7. Make use of domain name generators

The majority of the desirable domain names have already been taken. But don’t worry because there are lots of ways from which you can produce millions of domain names. In this situation, the domain name generators are a relief. This program helps you to make potential domain names. 

8. Make your domain name more keyword-rich

If you know about search engine optimization (SEO), then you are aware of the significance of the keywords. You usually add keywords in the title, descriptions, URL, and numerous times throughout the article. So, I also prefer to use your keyword in your domain name. And it will lead you to an increase in your search traffic. Also, register the domain name with the most popular extensions. 


Some of the best Domain Name Generators

Let’s look at the best domain name generator that can help you to pick a domain name:

1. IsItWP

IsItWP is one the quick and easy tools for domain research. In this program, you must type a brand name or a keyword, and a tonne of domain ideas will be displayed. Further, narrow your search, and start a brand-new search, and it will help you see more suggestions. 

2. Name ideas generator

Name ideas generator provides a straightforward search. When used, it generates a massive list of candidate names for numerous domain extensions. Here, you’ll get an alternative, and additionally, it will help you to learn about the domain name that is available to use. 

So, if you want to get the pool of new domain ideas, then the Name ideas generator should be your first choice.

3. will help you to locate and register top-level domain extensions. This system aids in locating new domain names that are readily available for registration. 

4. Instant domain search

Instant domain search does what it says. As soon as you type, the available domain name will appear in front of you. It’s a great touch that lets you immediately check which domains are still accessible. 

This tool is helpful for quickly coming up with a new domain name suggestion. It saves you time and helps you develop your name.

5. Domain wheel

Another fantastic domain name generator tool is Domain wheel. Like other tools, it also helps develop a good domain name suggestion. Also, this tool comes up with random suggestions that rhymes with your search. 

6. Blog Tyrant

By presenting alternative and available domain names, Blog Tyrant helps you to save time and effort. This tool is crucial in making your domain search process less depressing. The Blog Tyrant understands your interest and presents the options that satisfy your interests. 

7. NameMesh

NameMesh makes every effort to provide you with options for generating domain names. Here, you’ll get a long list of prospective domain names, many of which you’ll find helpful for your company.  

When looking at the domain names, we all believe that the “more, the merrier.” The NameMesh produces a deluge of helpful domain name suggestions. 


Here, we want to say that Domain names serve as your online digital identities. Your domain name should give a clear idea to the visitors about who you are and what your visitors should expect from you. We understand that selecting a short and memorable domain name is not easy. When creating the domain name, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The right domain name will help you to increase your search engine rankings. 

You should hire a reputable and professional Digital Marketing agency that is an expert in providing the best and most affordable SEO and Social media services. As they know about SEO, they’ll help you create an SEO-friendly domain name. You can find the right domain name with your efforts and the experts’ guidance.

So, save time and create the best Domain Name for your brand.

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