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Do you have any Instagram accounts?

Well, in my opinion, most of you will have it, Right?

Today, there are two billion active Instagram users, and it is continuously growing. The users use Instagram to make reels, post photos, share their experiences, chat, and run their small and well-established businesses. 

According to the analysis, 90% of the top 100 global firms have their social media presence on Instagram. With this massive number of brands’ presence on Instagram, you must be continuously thinking about what exactly is encouraging them to utilize it. 

Well, it’s not only about posting cool and exciting videos or photos. It is more than that. Those cool videos and pictures can potentially produce leads, sales, and other things. Instagram keeps getting updated and is highly used by youngsters. If you’re unclear about what benefits Instagram brings to your business, we’re here to help you. 

You can also consult a social media management agency, as they’ll give you a clear understanding of how Instagram can change the future of your business. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best benefits of Instagram and some amazing Instagram facts.

Benefits of Instagram

Here, we’ve listed the benefits that can make it easier for you to decide to build your presence on Instagram:

1. You may showcase goods or services

Instagram is ideal for businesses looking to showcase their goods or services to their targeted audience. You can either show them your products through images or videos. The majority of the total Instagram users look for and buy new products. This is not a guess but a fantastic reality. Moreover, you can bring screenshots of the customer’s reviews in front of the new visitors.

2. Develops customer relationship

Modern customers have high expectations from business and their services. And if you want them to trust you and build a long-term relationship with your visitors, then you should keep posting exciting content, responding to their comments, and attending to their queries. This can make the visitors feel that the specific brand cares about them and will give quality products. 

3. Expand your audience

Most likely, your brand has a loyal following who follows you, likes your post, and comments on your post. You can reach many people via Instagram and boost your fan base. You can use hashtags, giveaways, contests, and more to attract new audiences.

4. Enable you to observe competitors

Instagram can be used to keep tabs on rivals’ marketing initiatives and tactics. Keep a watch on their posting schedule, the substance they share, and their interactions with their fans. These details can help you a lot while creating your social media strategy. Moreover, you can also take the help of social media specialists to run your business on Instagram. 

5. Make brand ambassadors

If you provide a unique and engaging Instagram experience to your customers, they will undoubtedly become your brand’s biggest fans. It would help if you kept improving services according to your customer’s feedback and reviews. Most people, before buying from any brand, read previous customer reviews. So, to get the best reviews to ensure that you provide an extraordinary experience. 

6. Increases sales

You may easily deduce from what you’ve seen so far that Instagram can help your company’s sales. It increases brand recognition, produces leads, and fosters client loyalty, eventually boosting sales. 

7. Learn about customers’ likes and dislikes

The type of content your audience posts and likes can clearly understand what they like and dislike. You can further use these details to improve current services, design new products, and future marketing strategies. 

Some impressive Instagram statistics you need to know

Now, let’s see some of the Instagram facts:

1. Instagram- 2nd the most downloaded app worldwide

Only TikTok outperformed Instagram in terms of downloads in 2021 year. After TikTok, no other app has more download rate than Instagram. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram can also be in the Top 5. 

2. Instagram- 7th most visited website

As per Semrush’s analysis, with 2.9 billion monthly visits, Instagram is one of the top 10 visited websites worldwide. Importantly, although most users access their accounts through mobile devices, these statistics are a helpful reminder that users also access your information through laptops and other devices.  

3. Instagram- 4th daily used social media platform

Compared to the daily usage of Instagram, only Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook rank higher. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a platform that can help you reach the maximum audience and make money, then you should go no further than Instagram.

4. On Instagram, 95 million photographs and videos are shared every day.

The daily sharing of 95 million images and videos has certain aspects like:

  • Being active on Instagram is insufficient because many fresh uploads are daily. Thus, you need to be proficient at using the platform. 
  • You must have the ability to stand out from the others. It would be great if you devised a way to make your one post different from most competitors’ posts. 

5. The audience on Instagram is roughly equally split between men and women.

Unfortunately, we do not have data on users who identify in non-binary ways, but what Facebook’s reporting system can tell us is that 50.8% of Instagram’s audience is female, and male is 49.2C. 

6. The fastest-growing market for Instagram is also India.

India is Instagram’s fastest-growing region, with its audience expanding by 16% quarter over quarter. And if this is the market your brand wants to reach, you must’ve understood where you can find them.

7. 80% of Instagram users interact with businesses

80% of Instagram users are at least following one business account. The most recent statistics show that 200 million users visit business profiles daily. So, it’s understandable why there are 25 million businesses on Instagram. 

8. 14% of American adults say they are unaware of Instagram

Though Instagram has a sizable following in the United States, not everyone is reached by it. So, ensure that you have a detailed understanding of your audience.  

9. The top 70% of the Instagram hashtags are brand-related

The way Instagram users use hashtags dramatically increases its reach. Every type of user uses hashtags, from brands to teens boasting about how much they had during traveling, using new beauty products, and much more. Even older individuals can use branded hashtags in their postings to spread the word about the latest trends.

10. Instagram has a 928 million-person projected advertising reach.

Instagram advertising is less expensive and has a broader experience than radio or TV ads. It can reach the audience right from youngsters to grandparents. Through this, Instagram is a beautiful platform for locating clients inclined to make purchases.

11. 59% of American adults use Instagram regularly

38% of U.S adults are logging in to Instagram multiple times. So, always ensure that you keep posting new content regularly. For this, you can prepare a schedule calendar, and according to that, you can keep publishing content. 

12. 9 out of 10 users prefer watching Instagram videos every week.

To keep the users browsing your feed go beyond static photographs. So, get in touch and talk with the social media experts who will give tips about producing Instagram Lives, Stories, and Reel content for the audience.

13. More than 55% of influencers choose to run their ads on Instagram.

Instagram’s simplicity of use is one of the reasons influencers prefer it. Simple photo editing with tags and filters can result in a beautiful mini-campaign. They can also record videos and share them without any modification. 

14. 58% of Instagram users claim they are more interested in a brand story after seeing it!

50% of Instagram users claim to have visited a website to purchase after seeing a product or service in a brand’s story. To ensure you never miss anything beneficial, you should learn some tricks for putting Instagram stories. 

15. Just 5% of Accounts post once or more.

5% of Instagram accounts only publish daily. Given the site’s appeal, you may anticipate seeing more users post frequently. The data predicts that the opposite is true.

According to the data provided by Tailwind, only 5% of accounts post more frequently than once daily. Businesses are indeed struggling to develop a post and visual voice often. 

16. The most popular brands publish 17 stories monthly.

It’s recommended to strive to post a story every other day if you want to be among the top performers on Instagram. The rate of posting stories is frequently getting raised each year. 

17. Each month, the typical Instagram business account gains 1.69% more followers.

Even if every business account and brand is unique, it’s helpful to be aware of the typical growth benchmark, especially if it forms the basis of your brand’s social media objectives. You can take the guidance of a Social media management agency, and they’ll show you some exciting ways that can help you gain more followers.

18. 83% of Instagram users discover new products

Users can learn about new brands and items by following hashtags, finding them through searches, viewing their Instagram advertising, and pursuing their friends and favorite businesses. 

This static suggests the potential to attract new clients and build brand recognition among a group of people who might not otherwise be put in front of your company’s products or services.

19. Instagram business account posts receive an average engagement rate of 0.83%

The engagement rate is 0.83% and if you beat that benchmark, then congratulate yourself. It’s interesting to note that engagement rates decrease when brands get more followers. 

20. 44% of users shop weekly on Instagram

Instagram’s shopping feature was only released a few years ago, but it has revolutionized the eCommerce industry. A survey by Instagram for business found that 44% of users use the platform weekly to shop using tools. 

21. 47% of Millennials use Instagram as a messaging app

With the continuous growth of mobile messaging apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, Instagram also has messaging features. Thus, most millennials use Instagram to chat with friends, family, or strangers. 

22. More interactions can be generated from Instagram than from Facebook.

According to the Socialbakers study from 2018, brands and media created 216 million and 192 million interactions on Instagram, respectively. This is more than 4x the total number of interactions the identical group created on Facebook. 

23. The most widely used hashtag is #Love.

This may indicate that Instagram users prefer to keep things upbeat and humorous. Currently, everyone wants to love, and the highest use of love is evidence of it. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a constantly changing platform, so to get the most out of it, you should keep up with established and new trends. On that end, we sincerely hope that our Instagram statistics for 2022 provide you with more suggestions for your plan. We also hope that our facts list must’ve encouraged you to invest in the Instagram service and expand your brand presence. 

If you don’t know how to put your business on Instagram, then you should talk to social media specialists because they’re the ones who know and understand every aspect of Instagram.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your Instagram presence today.

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