Last night, I was unable to sleep after reading the quote – “Only dead fish go with the flow…” I was constantly lingering on what does it mean? I was finding the answer in dead fish, but the answer was in “going with the flow.” 



Often times people give the advice, “Go with the flow.” In some situations, this may be truly helpful. But as an entrepreneur, leader or an influencer does this thought suits you? You may have seen in your life, those people who go with the flow do everything that others are doing. Whether it’s a career choice, or a fashion, or gossiping, thinking, everything. 

Anabolic Steroids in Bodybuilding – WellBoring Groundwater test enanthate 300mg bodybuilding anabolic steroids – jenniferx – kunena.I mean common; your dreams are not common then why are you making your existence common? 

Allow me to break the monotony. 

Here I am not opposing the lifestyle of ordinary people. Though I have found many ordinary people have extraordinary skills but their surroundings don’t allow them to grow, to shine. 

Well, those people who are comfortable with their daily routine then this quote doesn’t make any sense for them. 

The reason is; many times we feel, oh man, why I am doing this? Is this really cultivating my knowledge or feeding my ability to grow? Indeed, no one can deny this. Even me too felt that at once in my life. 

Just ask yourself a question, are you living for your dream? Is there anyone whose sharp-witted tone or sarcasm encouraging you to build your own presence then don’t be shy, just get out of your comfort zone & hug the new opportunities. 

You don’t need people to think for you. You should don’t allow them to think of your ability & make decisions on it. 

I don’t need to remember you on this moment that you are not dead. 

Never forget, people will only speak what they know, what they feel about you. But here, how others feel for you is not a question. The main question is what you are feeling about yourself? How do you find your abilities? How do you compare your skills with the previous version of yourself? 

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” — Maya Angelou

Don’t conclude your career on the basis of other’s mindset. Stick with your dream, work on it, stay updated with industries, trends & let’s allow your ability to open all the doors of possibilities & success which can speak out about your presence. 


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Let your existence speak louder that you are alive & your dream is feeding your happiness, satisfaction & encourage you to be a better version of yourself. 

Go With The Flow But Don’t Be A Dead Fish.

If the situation can’t be changed then, you have to find alternative roads, sometimes shortcuts without opposing others. It will be smart enough to do what you want. But again stick on your dream.

Actually, in business or in personal life, we just need to sense when to move with the current situation that is popping up to impede our goal each day or not? This sense of going with the flow is something you just need to work on it. Don’t lead your life with frustration that encounters your daily life. 

What can you do to save your dream & encourage yourself to fulfill your dream? 

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers.


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You can help your dream like lifeblood by following simple steps: 

  • Select a dream to fulfill. 
  • Believe it is achievable.
  • Set a deadline.
  • Overcome your fears by living bigger and bolder.
  • Stop surviving and Start thriving.
  • Ask yourself, what do you want to do differently?
  • Don’t lose heart.
  • Inspired Action is Required.
  • Set back small milestones to overcome small to big throwbacks.
  • Discipline yourself enough which poses you to transform your future goal.
  • Work hard with smart attitude.
  • Just Do it. 

With this note, I like to sum up here. Let’s open the heart to overcome your fear of failure. Start your journey of greatness by just believe in yourself & your dreams. Work hard & remember your hard work will pay off. Your passion will become your charm & your goal will shine in the limelight of your life’s success story. 

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