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Today, we will talk about the technique I prefer to use for websites to increase traffic rapidly. We know there are not much quick SEO wins currently, but striking distance keywords is the one I prefer the most. 

Is Striking distance keywords new to you?


We understand that some of you might’ve heard about it, and some might not. So, we came as a relief for you because here, we’re not only going to use the striking distance keyword as a term but will also explain you in detail.

As per the research, 91% of respondents don’t go further than page one on Google. Well, it makes sense, Right? 

For example: If we are searching for “a long and stylish Kurti,” and if we don’t get good results, then rather than moving to the next page, we might change our search term to” a designer long Kurti.”

With the help of this example, we can see how pronounced the distinction between pages one and two is. 

Now arises the question of how we’ll use this situation in SEO.

All we need to do is to take note of these keywords and determine which keywords are within striking distance of page one and which content requires a little push to get onto page one.

The striking distance keyword is the best way to boost ranking and organic traffic. It enables you to make small changes and get quick and immediate results. 

If you’re confused about whether you’ll be able to implement a striking keyword distance strategy properly or not, then you should get in touch with a Digital marketing agency. It’s because they have an SEO team who have a piece of complete knowledge about every aspect of the SEO.

Now, let’s understand the striking keyword distance in detail.

What is Striking keyword distance? 

A targeted phrase between position 11 to 20 on the first is said to be in “striking distance,” meaning that even a tiny optimization change could significantly impact the keyword rank into the top spot, i.e., between 1 to 10.

This link only needs little editing to get moved to the top of the page because the keyword is already performing well and is pertinent to the subject. So, if you’re able to make the perfect changes, you’ll surely get first-page results that will boost your visitors and conversions. 

How to find the striking distance keyword?

Here, we’ll discuss some of the steps that need to be followed to find the striking keyword distance:

1. Determine your striking distance keyword

Here, the first step is to find the keywords on your website floating within striking distance. For this, you need an SEO tool like SEMrush that examines the website’s rankings. 

By using a suitable SEO tool, you should check all the ranking keywords of your website, like 

  • Organic keywords
  • Keyword positions
  1. You should sort out the list of rankings right from best to worst.
  2. Export the keywords between the bottom of page one and the bottom of page two. 

2. Identify the best keywords

Here, at this step, once you have a list of keywords, it’s time you cut through the clutter and choose one or a few keywords that offer the best opportunity. The most significant advantage of using the striking distance keyword strategy is that you can use your current content to discover keyword long-tail prospects that you might not have even been initially aiming to rank for. 

The ideal keyword phrases for striking distance will primarily satisfy all or some of the following requirements:

  • Long-tail keywords are used
  • The main terminal has little opposition and is simple to rank
  • You haven’t chosen and optimized specific keyword phrase
  • The keyword phrase search volume is satisfactory

3. Make your content optimized for striking distance keywords

Once you’ve found the ideal striking distance keywords, then Congratulations! You’ve completed the challenging part. 

On-page SEO is now going back to its fundamentals. Find spots in the existing article where you may add information focused on your secondary long-tail keywords. You can add these keywords in H2, main text, image alt, and the meta summary. 

Moreover, you can also take advantage of the striking distance keyword opportunity if you believe that your long-tail keyword does not accurately reflect the searcher’s intent and would be better served on a separate page. So, in case you create a different page just for the striking distance keyword, then include it in your page name, meta title, H1, body text, and URL

4. Analyse the performance of your campaign 

Till we assume that you must’ve done all the work, so now it’s time that you track your striking distance keyword. When you add a striking distance keyword, don’t do anything and wait for one month because any new changes won’t show you the changes instantly. 

Ways to Optimise Striking Distance Keywords

Since these keywords are already at a reachable second-page position, the objective is to make minor adjustments that will significantly influence ranking. Now, let’s look at the optimizations that should be done:

1. Optimize title tags

Minor changes to the title tag can affect these rankings on the second page. Consider modifying the structure, incorporating the striking distance keyword or title tags from rival websites.

2. Optimize header tags

Review the header tag scenario for ranking URLs to optimize header tags. Similar to title tags, a minor optimization or reorganization can have a significant effect. 

3. Enhance on-page content

Since everyone knows that content is king, you should ensure that the ranking URL contains excellent on-page material that supports the chosen keyword. Ranking signals can be improved by making minor changes or additions. 

4. Build backlinks

To obtain more links pointing to the ranked URL, engage in outreach or link reclamation. Even one backlink can make a difference for this keyword on the verge of taking off.

5. Add internal links

Share significant page equity by including internal links that connect back to the URL of the keyword within striking distance, whether it be on a relevant blog post or a category page.

6. Prefer constructing a new landing page

If the incorrect URL is currently just ranking for the striking distance keyword or if you believe the page isn’t powerful enough, consider developing a new landing page that is more narrowly focused on the keyword topic. 

Final Thoughts

Striking distance keywords are an idea that has been around for a while. Still, they present a reasonable next step for making careful adjustments to raise the ranking of beneficial search phrases. So, with your new understanding of striking distance keywords and how to identify and optimize them, consider putting this in your SEO strategy. 

Striking distance keywords is an effective way to conduct keyword research and use your current rankings to quickly improve them. 

If you don’t know how to make use of these striking distance keywords, then as mentioned earlier today, only get in touch with a Digital marketing agency who are experienced in offering professional SEO services. The professional SEO experts will also explain to you how striking distance keywords can make a significant impact on your content ranking.

Thus, don’t confuse these striking distance keywords and add them to your strategy.

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